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How does Taylor’s Time Work?
Taylor’s Time was created specifically for ASD families to deliver qualified caregivers right to your door. We match your child’s unique needs with a caregiver’s unique skills, providing affordable, in-home sitter services to the autism community.
Who is Taylor?
Taylor is anyone living with autism or who loves someone on the spectrum. Every boy, girl, man, woman, parent, grandparent, and guardian. Taylor is the parent who needs some time for themselves or another family member, and the ASD child who needs a caregiver.
Do Taylor’s Time caregivers provide therapy services?
No, Taylor’s Time provides responsible sitter services for children on the spectrum. Our caregivers understand the needs of ASD children and are experienced sitters who are passionate about working with special needs families. ABA and other types of autism therapy services should only be provided by licensed professionals. While some of our caregivers may be licensed professionals, we do not provide those services through Taylor’s Time at this time.
What cities does Taylor’s Time operate in?
Currently, we’re only serving Atlanta. However, we plan to offer services in every major city in the United States in a matter of months. Not in Atlanta? Please sign up and we will keep you updated on our progress.
I can’t seem to find what I need on your website, or I’m having a difficult time selecting a caregiver. What can I do?

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Taylor’s Time expertly matches your child’s unique needs with a caregiver’s unique skills, experience and availability. To deliver the most accurate results, it’s important you answer the following sections as thoroughly as possible. Don’t worry. If you get interrupted you can pick up where you left off when you return.

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We have designed Taylor’s Time to simplify the payment process, making it quick, easy and secure for both you and the caregiver. In this section you will have the opportunity to set up your debit or credit card that will be used to confirm your appointment and to pay the caregiver at the completion of the care session.

Your card is only charged when you hire a caregiver, and of course we keep all credit card information safe and secure. Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information.

Note: Caregivers set their own rates. You will see their individual rates on their personal profiles. Once you have selected and confirmed a caregiver for an appointment, your rate is locked in so there aren’t any surprises.

Our goal is to help as many ASD families as possible, which means providing free access for you to search for qualified caregivers near you. Other sitter websites charge membership fees, posting fees, fees, fees, fees. Not Taylor’s Time. The rates you see include a small markup for our services, which include finding and qualifying caregivers, creating the perfect match for your child, and assisting with scheduling and payments.

Thank you for registering and completing your profile. You are just minutes away from starting your first sitter assignment. The final step is to take the Taylor’s Time Certification assessment.  This assessment will help you demonstrate your current knowledge of working with children on the spectrum. Don’t worry. It’s not like taking your SATs. We just want to know you have working knowledge of helping special needs families. Completing this assessment is required before you are able to book any jobs.

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