Autism Knowledge Assessment Study Guide

Successfully completing the Assessment means you will become a Taylor’s Time recommended caregiver and your profile will appear higher in parent search results. We all need a little help from time to time and little Bradley (a.k.a. TMNT Leonardo) wants to make sure you Cowabunga your way to a passing grade. Check out the letter he wrote you as a study guide for the Assessment.

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Take the Autism
Knowledge Assessment

Read Bradley’s
Letter for Help

What is the Autism Knowledge Assessment?
The Autism Knowledge Assessment is a series of questions and multiple choice answers that help us gauge your skills, abilities and understanding of working with children on the autism spectrum.
Why should I take it?
Caregivers who pass the Autism Knowledge Assessment become recommended Taylor’s Time caregivers and appear higher in parents’ search results.
Do I need to study for the Assessment?
Not at all. If you have ever worked with children on the spectrum, or previously been a sitter of a special needs child, or are pursuing a degree related to autism services, you will most likely pass with flying colors. But just to make sure you do, read our letter from Bradley (a.k.a. TMNT Leonardo). It’s our version of a study guide.
How do I find out if I pass?
You are immediately notified upon completing the Assessment of your results. Our website is that smart.
How do parents know I have passed?
Caregivers who pass become “TT Recommended,” which will be displayed prominently on your profile. The badge lets parents know you are qualified to work with their special needs child/children.
What if I don’t pass?
We all have a bad day now and then. If you don’t pass on your first try, you have the opportunity to immediately change the answers you missed. If you still don’t pass, you will have to wait 5 days to try again. (But don’t worry; you got this!)
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